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Why It's Better Raw at Kabuki Japanese Restaurant

Last updated 6 years ago

An unfortunate trend is sweeping through sushi bars across America. Many Japanese restaurants are denying their customers an authentic Japanese dining experience. Instead of offering traditional raw fish in their sushi and sashimi, multiple establishments are serving their guests cooked fish. However, Kabuki Japanese restaurants provide our customers with real sushi selections. Every one of our 11 Southern California locales uses only raw fish for our sushi and sashimi. Why does raw matter? The following reasons explain why raw is important in an authentic Japanese restaurant.

Raw means it’s real.

A staple of Japanese cuisine, sushi and sashimi were meant to be eaten raw. The preparation of the fish is a practice that was cultivated over thousands of years. Traditional Japanese chefs take meticulous care to make sure that each fish selection is of the highest quality to ensure that the customer’s dining experience is the best that it can be. To cook the fish used in sushi and sashimi is to diminish the quality of both the food and the sushi bar event as the Japanese envisioned it.

Raw means it’s healthy.

The Japanese diet is acknowledged worldwide for its numerous health benefits. A significant reason why so many people revere this culture’s cuisine is because of its sushi. Unlike the typical Western diet, which includes many salty, fatty, and processed foods, sushi is simple and pure. Its nutritional content is not compromised in any way. However, cooking the fish used in sushi and sashimi lessens its healthy attributes. Though any seafood constitutes an important part of a healthy diet, the nutritional value of raw fish always outweighs its cooked counterpart.

Raw means it’s delicious.

Aside from the cultural or health concerns regarding cooked sushi and sashimi, any customer who visits a sushi restaurant and finds out that it serves cooked fish should reconsider his or her choice. No matter the expertise of the chefs or the quality of the fish, cooked sushi and sashimi are simply not nearly as appetizing as the raw version.

For these reasons and more, raw sushi and sashimi is the best choice. Kabuki Japanese Restaurant’s 11 Southern California locations offer only authentic sushi with raw fish ingredients. Come by for lunch, sushi happy hour, or dinner and taste the difference for yourself! 


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