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All You Need to Know About Wasabi

Last updated 6 years ago

If you are getting ready for your first sushi restaurant experience, you can prepare by getting familiar with a few sushi essentials. Start by learning more about sushi, sashimi, and rolls, as well as common additions like soy sauce and edamame. Then, learn everything you need to know about wasabi from this guide:

Wasabi is a plant that is commonly found in many classic Japanese dishes. You’ll also see it used as a condiment or served alongside many Japanese meals. This unique plant is typically grown in Japan and can be found near small bodies of water. A grinding technique is used to release the powerfully spicy flavor of the wasabi. This spicy flavor is often compared to that found in horseradish. In fact, western wasabi, which is commonly served in American sushi restaurants, is made with a combination of mustard, horseradish, and food coloring. This type of wasabi is served because true Japanese wasabi is often difficult to keep in regular supply.

Both western wasabi and Japanese wasabi offer a distinctive flavor that provides an essential and unmistakable component in Japanese cuisine. Wasabi is a truly unique ingredient because it enhances flavor, adds spice, and presents a visually appetizing and intriguing green color. Nigiri and sushi rolls both feature wasabi alongside other delectable ingredients. Wasabi is spread between the rice and fish in nigiri, and is also often found rolled in between fish, rice, and vegetables in sushi rolls. You can also use chopsticks to place a small drop of wasabi on top of orders of sashimi.

You can test out different wasabi combinations when you join us for lunch, happy hour, or dinner here at Kabuki! We offer a variety of delicious sushi and sashimi, including favorites like tuna, salmon, yellowtail, and shrimp. We also offer an assortment of tasty sushi rolls, such as the California roll, the avocado roll, and the specialty Vegas roll.

Learn more about what you can experience at our Japanese restaurant by contacting the friendly team at any of our Kabuki locations. Visit us online to find a location near you!


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