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To Dip or Not to Dip? Sauces and Condiments to Accompany Your Sushi

Last updated 6 years ago

Are you planning your first trip to a sushi restaurant? Many first-time sushi diners are a bit overwhelmed when they see their options for the first time. But with the fabulous selection available at Kabuki Restaurants, it is easy to find something for everyone. These tips will help you find the best way to eat your sushi selections:

  • Pour yourself some soy sauce. Tables are typically set with a bottle of soy sauce and small bowls or dishes for each place setting. These small dishes are typically designed to hold soy sauce for each diner. Sauces served with other cuisines are meant to be placed directly on top of the food, but diners typically dip their sushi into a separate dish of soy sauce. Pour soy sauce into your dish before your food arrives to prepare. Make sure you only dip the fish into the soy sauce, even when eating nigiri.


  • Start slowly with the wasabi. This beautifully-colored green paste can also commonly be found in sushi restaurants, usually served on the same dish as the sushi. Wasabi has a very strong flavor that many diners find to be a bit spicy. Because of this quality, it is important to start slowly when tasting wasabi for the first time. Some diners add chunks of wasabi to their soy sauce, but this can take away from the flavors of both condiments. Of course, it is important to eat your sushi the way you like it—so whether you enjoy your sushi with a lot of wasabi or without any of it, your sushi here at Kabuki is sure to be delicious!


  • Use the ginger as a palate cleanser. You may also find slices of pickled ginger on your plate. These thin ginger slices are meant to be used as palate cleansers. If you are ordering different types of sushi, you can munch on a slice of ginger after the first type in order to cleanse your palate and prepare for your next type of sushi.

You can test out your new sushi knowledge at one of the many fabulous Kabuki locations. Check out our website to learn more about our sushi happy hour specials. 


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