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Become a Chopsticks Master!

Last updated 6 years ago

Eating with chopsticks has presented many Americans and other Westerners with a bit of a challenge, but mastering the skill can add a lot to your Asian dining experience. There are many things to keep in mind when eating with chopsticks, from how to use them to what etiquette to observe at the table. Here is a brief guide to eating with chopsticks:

  • Holding and Using Chopsticks

Place one chopstick with the wide end resting in the nook between your thumb and forefinger, and the other end against the side of your middle finger. The other chopstick will be held between the tip of your thumb and your forefinger. This is the one that will move when you grab your food.

  • Chopsticks and Sushi

Chopsticks are often provided at sushi restaurants, but you do not always have to use them. Most forms of sushi, such as maki and nigiri, are meant to be eaten by hand, as chopsticks will likely break them apart. Sashimi, which is just raw fish, should be eaten with chopsticks.

  • How to Share with Chopsticks

When sharing food or taking a piece of food from a communal dish, it is polite to use the broad end of the chopsticks, which does not go in or near your mouth. Also, share from your plate to another by placing your food on another’s plate, and never transfer food from chopsticks to chopsticks, as this is very personal and similar to some Japanese funeral rituals.

  • How to Store Chopsticks

When you are finished eating, or are just putting your chopsticks down momentarily, the correct way to place them is on a chopstick stand to keep the eating end off the table. If this is not an option, then lay them across your plate rather than leaning them against it.

If you are ready to put your chopstick skills to the test, then come to Kabuki Restaurants for some authentic Japanese cuisine. We offer great meals and appetizers, as well as Happy Hour specials. Contact us online for more information about our locations, specials, or menu options.


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