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Act Natural: A Guide to Sushi-Eating Etiquette

Last updated 7 years ago

Japanese cuisine offers a variety of fantastic seafood dishes. Some of the most popular include sashimi, sushi, and nigiri. While these three options are similar in many ways, they are very different. First-time sushi diners can prepare themselves for their dining experience by brushing up on sushi-eating etiquette:

Bonus etiquette tip: don't make sushi-eyes when eating with chopsticks (or any utensil, for that matter!)

  • Ask for a recommendation. Most restaurants offer special dishes each night, and Japanese restaurants are no exception! While many diners may choose to look over the menu options and pick what they think sounds most appealing, other sushi fans suggest asking the chef what they recommend. Sushi chefs often get new varieties of fish, vegetables, and other ingredients daily. Asking for their recommendation often gets you the most flavorful options for that day.
  • Know what tools to use. Chopsticks are commonly associated with sushi, but they’re not meant to be used with every type of dish available at the sushi bar. It’s appropriate to use your chopsticks when enjoying sashimi because it does not contain rice. Nigiri and traditional sushi rolls should be eaten with the hands. Chopsticks may cause the rice in these options to fall apart. Use your hands the way you would with any other type of “finger” or hand-eaten food.
  • Savor the flavors. Soy sauce is commonly offered on the side to help enhance the flavors found in your sushi. It is acceptable to dip your pieces into the soy sauce, but try only to get a little. There are already a wide variety of ingredients and flavors found in sushi, and too much soy sauce can be overpowering. If you are dipping nigiri, then make sure to dip the fish side into the soy sauce. Rice can easily absorb too much soy sauce and break apart.

Now that you’ve brushed up on your sushi-eating etiquette, it’s time to practice! At Kabuki, we offer the very best sushi bar experience. Our restaurants offer classic sashimi and sushi choices, as well as our famous specialty rolls. Learn more today by visiting us online!


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