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New to Rolls? Read our Tips for Choosing the Best Sushi for Beginners at Kabuki!

Last updated 7 years ago


Don't let sushi intimidate you! Kabuki has compiled a list of the best sushi rolls for beginners!


‘Sushi’ is an intimidating word for people that have never tried it before. But be warned: if you try the right rolls, then you might soon become a sushi addict. Here are the best sushi rolls for those who don’t frequent a sushi restaurant. Once you've read over your options, come visit Kabuki Japanese Restaurant to try them out!

Vegetable Rolls

This is the most basic kind of roll. Usually, a sushi restaurant will serve a vegetable roll that contains a mixture of carrots, sprouts, celery, scallions, and bell pepper. Like most sushi rolls, these vegetables are rolled with rice, sesame seeds, and then wrapped with seaweed. If you want something that’s 100% vegetarian (without fish), then you can also try the cucumber roll or the avocado roll.

California Rolls

If you’re hesitant about trying raw fish at a sushi restaurant, but you want to have something that’s more complex than a vegetable roll, then try a California roll. Sushi restaurants typically make these with imitation crab (processed white fish), avocado, cucumber, and sometimes sesame seeds.

Shrimp Tempura

Sushi restaurants make these rolls by battering shrimp and deep frying it in sesame or vegetable oil and rolling it with rice, seaweed, and various vegetables. This could be a great roll for you if you have enjoyed fried food in American restaurants, but you want something healthy like the tempura served at Japanese restaurants.

Unagi Rolls

If you like the taste of the first three rolls, then there’s a good chance that this roll will appeal to you as well. In Japanese, Unagi means eel. At a sushi restaurant or sushi bar, Unagi rolls are made by taking eel, barbequing it, and putting it in vinegared rice topped with a sweet-savory glaze.

If you want to try some of these great rolls for beginners, then head to Kabuki Japanese Restaurant with locations in Arizona, Nevada and throughout California. Once you’re ready to try fish in your sushi, you might enjoy grabbing a salmon or spicy tuna roll prepared by our professional sushi chefs. We also have a fabulous sushi happy hour and sake bar! Contact us today for more information!


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