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    Find Ordering And Pairing Tips For Your Next Sushi Meal At The Links Below

    Last updated 5 years ago

    If you are in the mood for an upbeat and unique dining experience, Kabuki Japanese Restaurant has you covered. With 15 locations in Nevada, Arizona, and California along with great specials offered through our Red Mask Club, we can always satisfy your craving for Japanese fare with our extensive menu of traditional and fusion dishes. 

    • You can learn the story of Asahi Super Dry and how it is made by visiting
    • Take a look at this chart of seafood nutrition facts from to learn why you should be eating more fish. 

    Visit our website to see our complete lunch and dinner menus and learn how to sign up for our Red Mask Club.

    Exploring the World of Japanese Beers

    Last updated 5 years ago

    When you are considering a beer to pair with Japanese fare, imports from Japan are the natural choice. Beer culture emerged in Japan during the late 1800s through the start of two major breweries that still exist today: Kirin and Sapporo. Kirin was born of Norwegian-American influence while Sapporo was started by a German-trained Japanese beer master. Because of these European influencers, the style of Japanese beers has remained simple and pure, making them just the right thing to order during an evening out for Japanese food.

    • Japanese beer characteristics

    Though there are several varieties of beer produced in Japan, the best-known and most beloved beers of major Japanese breweries are Pilsner-style lagers with light and crisp flavor profiles. One exception is Asahi Super Dry, which is a bolder choice best suited for high-spice foods and full-flavored sashimi such as salmon or mackerel. Kirin Ichiban is a more unique Japanese brew that has become rather popular in America because it is incredibly light in flavor and heavy on playful carbonation that pairs beautifully with lighter Japanese dishes. This beer is also the premier choice for sake bombs.

    • Beer drinking etiquette

    If you want to savor your imported beer in the true Japanese style, there are a few rules to follow that may differ from your normal beer drinking preferences. First, if you order a pitcher, you should pour for the other members of your table and never pour your own drink. Let another diner pour the beer for you, and keep your hands off everyone else’s glasses when the beer is all served. Say “Kanpai” as a toast before you take the first sip so that you can share a wish of thanks or good fortune.

    To send your palate on a tasting tour of some of Japan’s best beers while savoring some delicious Japanese cuisine, join us at Kabuki Japanese Restaurant for dinner or happy hour. You can check out our happy hour specials and our menus by visiting our website. 

    Kabuki Sushi Party Platters are Here!

    Last updated 5 years ago

    Kabuki Japanese Restaurants offers sushi party platters to accommodate any event!    

    The Signature Platter offers:

    • Tuna Sushi
    • Salmon Sushi
    • Yellowtail Sushi
    • Shrimp Sushi
    • Spicy Tuna Roll
    • California Roll
    • Philadelphia Roll
    • Lotus on Fire Roll
    • Rainbow Roll
    • Shrimp Tempura Roll

    Visit our website to find a Kabuki location nearest to order your next party platter! 

    Watch: How Soy Sauce is Made the Traditional Way

    Last updated 5 years ago

    Soy sauce is a key condiment in Asian cuisine, so it is a fixture on the table of Japanese restaurants. The process of making soy sauce is rather extensive, but it is also well worth the depth of flavor in the final product. This video demonstrates how soy sauce is fermented from a mixture of wheat, roasted soy beans, and lots of salt. The sauce is aged in oak barrels that add subtle notes of smokiness.

    Now that you know more about where Japanese fare comes from, why not treat your palate to some delicious selections from Kabuki Japanese Restaurant? Check out our website to find out which of our 15 locations is in your neighborhood.

    Fun and Festive Appetizers to Start Your Meal Off Right

    Last updated 5 years ago

    Dining at Kabuki Japanese Restaurant is always a fun experience and an opportunity for large groups of diners to indulge in some tasty, exotic cuisine. When you do dine with a bigger party, don’t skip on the appetizers, because they make the perfect ice breaker for an evening of fun. Go ahead and order a round of your favorite cocktails to pair with starters such as these tantalizing choices:

    • Soft Shell Crab

    The unique texture of soft shell crab is absolutely perfect when the crab is deep fried in tempura batter. Each bite is slightly crunchy and sweet, and the delicate flavor is only made better with salty, tangy Ponzu sauce made from citrus juice, mirin, and soy sauce.

    • Gyoza Dumplings

    More commonly known as pot stickers, these traditional dumplings are a savory delight perfect for even the most finicky diners. They are made from tender wonton wrappers filled with tender beef and vegetables, which are lightly fried to perfection.

    • Garlic Edamame

    If you plan on dining on sushi, edamame is a must-have appetizer for the table. It is a simple dish of young soy beans sautéed with garlic and course sea salt, which highlights the nutty sweetness of the beans. Not only is it a delicious option, but it is also incredibly healthy.

    • Lobster Dynamite

    For true decadence from the start of your meal, this one-of-a-kind dish is worth a try. The dish starts with a succulent, sweet lobster tail seasoned with soy sauce, sake, and avocado. The lobster is baked and served with creamy, zesty Kabuki mayo sauce.

    Check out the entire menu of traditional Japanese fare and fusion dishes served at Kabuki Japanese Restaurant by visiting us at our website. We have 15 locations throughout California, Nevada, and Arizona, so you can always find excellent Japanese cuisine on the West Coast by looking for our signature red mask. 

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